Law & Language


An American legal scholar from the 1960’s, David Melinkoff, once said that the law is a profession of words. In my view, a more apt description of the legal profession could not be written. The aim of Law & Language (L&L) is to explore this intersection, discussing legal issues through an exploration of words and culture.

Having taken the unusual route of bringing my legal practice primarily online and going mobile, Melinkoff’s description rings even truer now. I spend my days drafting submissions for immigration law clients after developing course materials for Grammatika Legal english courses. I’m doing this as I explore new places and teach around the world. Currently, the base is India. Unsurprisingly, this has given me a lot to reflect on – about the legal profession, the way we lawyers work, how language of all kinds intertwines itself in the practice of law. I hope to share these reflections and analyses here on L&L.

Topics will range from anecdotes and experiences of a global lawyer life to linguistic analyses of decisions and legal issues. If there is anything you’d like to know more about, drop me a line at Let’s chat!

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