New Directions

IMG_2488Articling is tough. Articling and preparing for the bar exams is even tougher. Articling, writing the bar exams, and running a business on the side is flat out exhausting, although exciting in many ways too! These are excuses but sincere ones for the great pause on L&L. To have month long delays in between posts is the first no-no of blogging. Oops! But L&L is back and will be more consistent from here on out.  The plan to build L&L into the blog it was envisioned to be is still on, albeit with a few new (exciting) elements.

Law&Language is the official blog of Grammatika International, a language company that designs and teaches English courses for international lawyers. This blog explores legal issues through the lens of language.  Starting in the fall of 2015, Grammatika will be offering courses to law firms and law schools abroad, from Shanghai to Sao Paolo. As the President and Lead Instructor, I’ll have the chance to travel a ton and learn even more about different legal systems from around the world with this global shift the company is taking. I am ecstatic for the experiences ahead and anticipate they will generate a lot of interesting discussions. These may be as intriguing to others as they will be to me. So, L&L is going to be the place to share them. L&L will be about the law in different languages too – what does it look like to study and practice law in Istanbul or Caracas or New Delhi? And what is it like to be a Canadian lawyer abroad, taking an unconventional path and using a JD to build a business and see the world? I hope to find that out!


As well, L&L will be addressing more general conundrums in language, offering practical writing tips for everyday use. For example, we have upcoming posts on grammar for social media, the most over used words in legal writing, and common mistakes on CVs. Grammatika creates practical kinds of language courses, recognizing that a lesson is useless without an idea of how to apply it. So, in keeping with the objective of Grammatika, L&L will have general language-focused posts from time to time.

Until the next post!


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